How Does Drinking Alcohol Affect Your Eyes?


Drinking alcohol can of cause effects to your entire body including your eyes. A low intake of alcohol shouldn’t cause you any health problems but drinking alcohol heavily can potentially cause health problems including harmful effects to your eyes. Here are a few of the effects heavy drinking can have on your eye health. Pupils […]

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Acne Can Be Defeated Naturally

Cara Ampuh Awet Muda Dan Cantik Alami Bagi Perempuan Jangan Menyentuh Jerawat_zpsphgneqxk.jpg~original

Unfortunately, the so-called treatments available over-the-counter or even by prescription only seem to work on the external surface aspect and never really address the root cause. Whether you try the inexpensive creams, ointments, astringents or you use a much more potent prescription medication, they only manage to keep the oily condition at bay for a […]

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Quitting Smoking – What If Cigarettes Were Invented Today?


I imagine an inventor’s television programme where one of the contestants has invented a new thing called the cigarette. “So what is it made from?” It’s a plant called tobacco which is dried and processed with a variety of chemicals. “How many chemicals” After it burns about 4000 chemicals most of which are highly toxic […]

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Home Relief Of Tooth Pain


If there is one physical pain in the world that I could not bear, that is tooth pain. Back when I was a child, I would suffer toothache from eating chocolates and not brushing at once. I can’t imagine the pain it was giving me and I would stay up all night crying, thinking that […]

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Dealing With Headaches


Headache: Who in the world has not suffered from the glitches of headaches? A headache is defined simply as a pain, which could occur in any area inside the head. They are sometimes felt at both sides of the head, while sometimes the headache is restricted to a single zone of the head. It may […]

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Best 10 Health Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention


October is Breast Cancer Prevention Month. It is every woman’s duty to take care of their health. Here are some tips to protect your breasts from cancer. Exercise Regularly: “Keep moving every day”. Exercise is your best friend when it comes to any health-related problem. The more you sweat, the more calories you burn and […]

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Summer Heat: Tips to Stay Cool


When the temperature is record highs, the heat and dust is accompanied by a lot of challenging thing. While for the ladies the challenging thing is to prevent sunburn, the men have other issues. Studies have proved that men feel more heat than women does. The bubbling mercury not only takes a toll on their […]

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