Blepharitis is a condition in eye that is characterized as an inflammation of eyelid. This inflammation may be caused due to the bacterial eye infection, dryness of eyes and sometimes due to skin condition. The inflammation causes in the eyelids make them itchy and result in the formation of scalps over the eye lashes. This causes discomfort for some persons but is not found be much hazardous disease. The symptoms of the Blepharitis are redness of eyelids, red eyes, reduced vision and odd sensation in eye. Because of these signs and symptoms one can experience blurred vision rather than clear distinct vision

There are two basic forms of Blepharitis. They are anterior Blepharitis and posterior Blepharitis. There are chances of getting affected by both the forms of Blepharitis but it may differ in the sense of severity. At times Blepharitis causes some sensitivity to the light. The Blepharitis should be treated and managed properly so that recovery process is sooner. There are many methods of Blepharitis Treament. In general for Blepharitis doctors soften the lid margin by applying warm wet compress to it. For all sorts of Blepharitis it is necessary to clean the eye lid and make it free from dusts and crusts

There are few complications that may occur. Complications include sty, chalazion, chronic oink eye and ulceration of cornea. Sty is a bacterial infection in one of the oil glands and blocks it from work. Chalazion is the extreme case of sty in which is the blocked oil gland becomes enlarged. A pink eye which is also termed as conjunctivitis may be causes by Blepharitis if not treated properly. The worst effect is formation of sore in the cornea that is ulceration. Though Blepharitis do not affect entire vision badly it may lead to blur vision and sort of discomfort to the person

Another problem that occurs due to the eye lid is eye twitching. The exact Eye Twitching Causes is not known. Eye twitching is termed as constant contraction of lower lid muscle. Some of the reasons foe eye twitching is level of stress and also longer vision of computer or television etc. Both eye twitching and Blepharitis do not cause much damage to the vision but they should be treated and managed properly. Many ophthalmologists advise to avoid make up in eyes if symptoms of Blepharitis is found. Blepharitis does cause some sense of fear in the minds of people but if treated properly we can be recovered from the problem. It is always useful to clean eyes from dusts and crusts and stay preventive.