What Are The Dangers Of Taking Excessive Sugar



We all are familiar with sugar, but a few of us are aware of the hidden sugar and its sources. We routinely take these sources in our daily life and are adding sugar in our bodies without knowing it. It is a fact that the intake of hidden sugar in our life is more than pure sugar. This increases glucose levels in the body and sugar level in the blood. This adds all the risks related to an elevated sugar level in the blood. To avoid this situation, and to save yourself from the threats of high blood sugar, you should have knowledge about sources of hidden sugar. After knowing these hidden sources, you will be able to cut these from your daily routine.

Hidden Sources of Sugar:

1. All processed foods are the richest sources of hidden sugar and different names are used to conceal this fact.

2. All salad dressings contain hidden sugar.

3. All soft drinks are the richest sources of hidden sugar.

4. All bakery items, including pizzas, pasta, sauces, and burgers are full of hidden sugar.

The sad part of the story is that we take all these items as healthy alternatives to normal meals. It means that the persons taking these things as an alternative to normal foods for the purpose of weight loss are on the wrong path. They are adding more sugar in their bodies, which increases their weight instead of decreasing it.

Dangers Related to Hidden Sugar Intake:

1. Belly Fats: Intake of excessive hidden sugar will increase deposits of fats in your belly. As a result you will experience increased level of triglyceride, overweight and a huge tummy.

2. Diabetes: Excess sugar in the body will result in “Diabetes”. It is one of the fatal diseases all over the world. A sugar patient will experience all problems related to diabetes.

3. Heart Disease: Elevated sugar level in the blood (diabetes) will result in the heart diseases. Diabetes is the prime cause of all the heart diseases. The heart attack risk of a diabetic patient increases many times as compared to a non-diabetic patient.

4. Vision Problems: Excess sugar level in the blood (diabetes) may result in leaky blood vessels in the eyes (Diabetic Retinopathy). It may result in blurred vision or spots in the field of vision, which may lead to glaucoma and cataract.

5. Central Nervous System: Excess sugar level in the blood (diabetes) may lead to a poor perception of heat, cold and pain, making you more prone to injuries. Ignoring such injuries, especially, when at a place not easily visible, may lead to serious problems like amputation of a finger or a foot.

6. Reproductive System: Excessive sugar level in the blood (diabetes) may lead to gestational diabetes, which results in high blood pressure during pregnancy. Due to this problem, the birth of the baby will be difficult due to a “higher birth weight”.

Serious erectile problems are developed in males, which affect their sexual relationships.

7. Joint Pain: Overweight is a result of excess sugar in the body which leads to joint pains and other ailments related to joints and bones.

How You Can Overcome This Problem:

The first step is the awareness about hidden sugar. Once you are able to recognize the hidden source of sugar, the next step will be your physical and mental efforts to avoid those diets that are sources of hidden sugar. You can gradually cut those sources from your diet and daily routine.
You should also avoid refined carbohydrates and processed foods. Try to replace these foods with original ones. You can use such foods which contain natural sugar.
You should develop your habit of purchasing raw or whole foods in your grocery shopping and preparing your foods from these items. This will help you to refine your diet gradually and increase your consumption of healthy fats and fibers.

My name is Muhammad Ayub, a Homeopathic Doctor. I am the author of this article. I have in-depth knowledge of Human Anatomy and Physiology. I have a special interest in women’s issues and want to present guidelines to them. This article has been written to guide general public and to give them awareness about a problem which is affecting a large number of peoples all over the world.