Health Is Wealth

Life is all about balances. Bank balances, the balance of your mind and the balance of love. How is your bank balance in the love department this month? Are you happy with how you look? Happy with how much money you are bringing in? And crucially are you happy enough with the state of your relationship?

More and more people these days are affected by the strains of life. The economic downturn and the increasing expose of our relationships means we can very rarely relax in our relationship. We vary rarely just sit down and chill out with the woman we love. We don’t spend enough time together and just enjoy each other’s company.

It is so important these days that we do spend more and more time together when in love. They are the best days of your life. So do what you have to do, and work when you have to work. But when you get time alone, embrace it. Go to the cinema together, go on walks and maybe even take that holiday you have always spoke about. You have nothing to lose and you can always earn more money.

But if you mismanage your time that is not something you can earn back. There is no way you can turn back time. And do you really want to be reaching your tenth anniversary together, if you get that far, and wonder where all the time went? Time goes quickly anyway, so the least you can do is enjoy it. If you are able to enjoy it with someone you love then all the better.

There are always more ways to ensure that the scales in your life are balanced. If you are unhappy with your bank balance there are ways you can earn more money. You can always get the balances of the rest of your life back in the balance. But the relationships you have are very hard to get back into shape. Once on a spiralling slope life can be difficult.

So health in your life can give you a wealth you cannot buy. It can buy you emotional wealth and buy you wealth in time with the woman you love. In fact there is nothing better than being emotionally happy. So keep your relationships happy and if you are talking about doing something. Do it because you can only live for today. Tomorrow may never come.