Healthy Lifestyle For Wealthy Lifestyle

All the delicacies on your table are a waste if you are not feeling well. You can’t enjoy your favorite movie if your eyesight is weak. You can’t enjoy anything in this world, despite having everything at your disposal, if you are suffering from a disease. You can’t deny the importance of health.

Health is the ultimate goal in human life. Normally people sacrifice their health in their efforts to gain wealth. Lastly they find even their wealth useless when they develop some incurable diseases. Even huge amount of money fail to recover your health. Once you lose your health you will lose everything soon.

During your young age you don’t understand importance of health. You ignore healthy lifestyle. You escape exercises and rest. The basis of your choice of food is taste and not their nutrition value. Junk food is what you take in breakfast, lunch and dinner. All this leads to slow decline in your health. When you realize your mistakes, it’s already too late for you to reverse the situation.

Even top notch personalities have fallen prey to faulty lifestyle and untimely death. Hectic schedule, stress, lack of awareness and pollution has contributed to health problems today. You can lead a happy and healthy life by following a few health tips.

Healthy food – You must have balanced diet in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your diet must include leafy vegetables and high fiber stuff. 2500 calories is the daily requirement of a healthy individual. If you are taking more than this, it will cause obesity. On the other hand taking less than this quantity will make you malnourished. Taking strenuous exercises burns a lot of calories. In that case you must take more calories to compensate energy loss. Your food must not contain too much of oil and fat. A lot of vegetables and fresh fruits will save you from various deficiency diseases.

Exercise – You might have noticed that your right hand is stronger and bigger than the left hand. It is because you use your right hand more than your left hand. When you take proper exercise more oxygen and nutrition are equally distributed in your entire body. Exercise will keep you free from many diseases.

Rest – After whole day’s work, when you take rest, your lost vigor is regained. You feel refreshed and rejuvenated to work again. Busy schedule might be preventing you from taking adequate rest. If you continuously deprive yourself of this much needed requirement, you will soon develop signs of accompanying diseases.

Entertainment – Health means physical, mental and social well-being. Like food, rest and exercise, entertainment is also a part of healthy living. It takes care of your mental health and plays a key role in de-stressing you. You must also take out time to spend with your friends and neighbors. Socialization will not only keep you stress free but in case of problems you will get timely help from your neighbors as well.

Besides above things you must also have a health care plans as a preventive measure. There are certain diseases which develop silently inside your body. You don’t have any signs and symptoms unless your condition goes beyond initial stages. It is sometimes difficult to reverse the condition at a late stage. To prevent a disease before it is too late, you must go through routine checks every year.

These routine checks must include urine test, blood sugar, blood pressure and eye sight. If you are above 25 years of age it is necessary to get ECG done every year to monitor proper functioning of your heart. Prevention is always better than cure.