In our day today life a process called metabolism takes place and for this process triglycerides acts as an energy source. These triglycerides have low density lipo proteins and chylomicrons as major components. It is important to maintain the Triglycerides levels to particular value. This is because HighTriglycerides may lead to hazardous heart disease and stroke. The triglyceride level is generally compared with the ratio of low density lipo protein to that of high density lipo protein. There is ongoing study in comparing the effect of increase in triglyceride level with that of the lipo protein ratio. The disease is generally named as hypertriglyceridemia that denotes increase in amount of the triglyceride level in blood vessels.

The other negative effects are that it may lead to obesity, diabetes and kidney failure. The increase in cholesterol levels can also be the cause of the high levels of triglycerides and can cause severe troubles. The reason behind is that if the food we consume is rich in fats and sugars it result in the increase of triglycerides. It is mandatory to look upon our diet and consuming controlled diet is always necessary.  Another major factor is lack of regular exercise. The reasons for the increase of triglycerides can be listed because the triglycerides are basically the amount of fat inside our body. Foods with high fats and some medical tablets can also be the reason behind the high levels.

The increase in the level can be found by taking blood tests and also by testing our cholesterol level. To lead a healthy life it is our duty to monitor our diet properly and also do exercises regularly. Exercises make the body strong enough and also stabilize all the levels to the normal state. At times because of hereditary reasons one might be affected by this trouble. Hence we should take good care and check the triglyceride levels whenever possible and stay preventive.

For the proper development of physique all sorts of nutrients are required and a balance should be maintained in the consumption of the nutrients. It is also mandatory to maintain the same balance in the consumption and release of energy. If consumption rises higher than release there are chances of the basic nutrients to be added to the triglycerides. Thus by maintaining balance in the energy consumption and release the levels of the triglycerides can be brought under control.

There are many possibilities by which the level of triglycerides can be brought under control. By adopting the best possibility and right method one can be assured of healthy life without any chances of trouble in the future.